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All Comments

Is my friend a gay swimmer?
i ware shorts and goggles, he has just bought tight i mean tight speedo's a swimming cap and nose clips, the speedo's r like hot pants , does this mean he is a gay swimmer??
No, he wants to be a serious swimmer. Speedo briefs are the only way to go. I will wear one swimming laps in less than an hour after I get off work.

He is not gay. Speedo briefs are not gay. Maybe you need to invest in a pair, boardies are not made for lap swimming anyhow.
Why do lots of guys alwasy calls male swimmers gay?
I hate it so much when some of the guys at my school make fun of our varsity swimmers and call them gay and stuff. I mean until your a swimmer you really have no idea how hard it is. They also say crap about how swimming/diving isnt a real sport. I guess im just expressing my anger lol.
once they grow up, they can appreciate how wonderful swimming is. it is like the most beneficial sport and works out the whole body. if u care about health and good looks, swimming is perfect. it combines strength, endurance, and ryhthm and not just any dumb jock weighing in at 200lbs can be good at. its takes a lot of practice to be good at it. and we are the ones that can actually show off our body and they are just jealous cuz they cant look this good in speedos.
Is Ian Thorpe gay? (the Australian swimmer)?
has Ian Thorpe came out of the closet? or do people think he is str8?

i have seen a few interviews with him over the years, and he seems really gay (but i dont know if anyone else has noticed)
Does it matter? Would his sexuality make him any less of a great athlete? Would that change your opinion of him as a person?
Is Olympic swimmer Mark Foster Gay?
The Olympic swimmer that appeared on strictly come dancing. I heard he is but i don't think he has officially announced it. Is it true? i think i might cry if it is
was someone watching the paul o grady show today by any chance? hehe! yeah he is god dam hot!! he wasnt wearing a wedding ring (tis the first thing i look at in hot celebs! hehe!), and i have also heard that he is, so we will never know unless he outs himself or is outed!
ps go on the p-team! hehe!
How is it not gay if swimmers shave their legs?
I know swimmers do it for speed but please read the rest. Majority of people say guys that shave their legs are gay UNLESS they do some wind/water resistant sports. I dont see how this is much of an excuse though. Either way, his legs are shaved. So why do people judge differently for someone who shaves just because they want to and for someone who shaves for sports.
kurosh, i have nvr heard anything like that before...but....i think b/c someone who shaves b/c they want to doesnt rlly have a need for it and most people think that it is a weird thing to do, but for swimmer, people probabl;y understand that it is somewhat required , so that u can be more aerodynamic.
Need help finding a gay french film from 2006 or something?
I saw a french gay movie about a swimmer who had AIDS and the other man who is a lifeguard thinks he's straight until the two men fall in love with each other. They both love each other and the man with aids has a wonderful supportive mother who supports their relationship. Can anyone tell me what the name is in case you now, appreciate it :)
I think that your talking about The Man I Love (1997) (TV) or as it was originally titled L'homme que j'aime

Meet at a pool check
One has aids check they go cemetary shopping at one point as I recall
Supportive Mother check
What are some movies about gay swimmers or football players? (FICTION)?
What are some movies about gay swimmers or football players? (FICTION)
Currently I do not think their are any out. How ever if you are looking for a comedy gay theme movie i would suggest were the world mine… its absolutely funny
Im straight i still enjoyed this movie.

©, gay swimmer