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Are You a Girl With Hairy Arms Too, or am I alone In this World ?
I have little itty bitty hairs on my back too. Im Latina. Do you Get rid of It or Do you Leave It alone ??
I had hairy arms for a long time but I started shaving them a few years back. Mainly because my friends loved to light my arms on fire [:
When is the next time the USA owns mexico in football?
dont you just miss the cry of the amigos??

after getting their hairy latina butts whacked by who else but the guru landon donovan??

how come mexicans never make the cut in big european clubs??

oh,just forgot...

Wow another racist american!!! Thinking you all the greates at everything you should be ashame you are the reason that why people think americans are so f****'d up!! Just stick to football!
Why are Latina's considered attractive?
For some reason everyone seems to think Latina's are attractive, everyone calls them spicy, hot, Exotic, and feisty but I don't get it. When I see latina's they are short, dumpy, barrel shaped, hairy arms, moles on their face, ect. I just don't see the attraction. Another problem is that my towns full of them, but I don't want to date them. The only other women around are white women but I would never date them, they sleep with anything with a pulse, they are disgusting and fat as well.

I do find Indian and Middle Eastern women attractive and exotic though. I also like that the have morals.
first of all not all Latinas r like that. Some are really pretty and can dance really well too. Also white people are not all sluts some have a lot of morals and are nice and pretty and smart and caring.
Why am I not attracted to Latina's?
For some reason everyone seems to think Latina's are attractive, everyone calls them spicy, hot, Exotic, and feisty but I don't get it. When I see latina's they are short, dumpy, barrel shaped, hairy arms, moles on their face, ect. I just don't see the attraction. Another problem is that my towns full of them, but I don't want to date them. The only other women around are white women but I would never date them, they sleep with anything with a pulse, they are disgusting and fat as well.

I do find Indian and Middle Eastern women attractive and exotic though. I also like that the have morals.
I don't particularly find short, dumpy, barrel shaped, hairy armed, moly women hot, regardless of their race.

But there's no law that says you HAVE to find one race more attractive than another, so don't worry too much about it. I personally like hispanic or asian gals more but that's just me. You have to find a woman that connects with you on all levels, and if a latina isn't doing it, oh well!
Kay, so I'm a Latina. Cuban/Chilean/Spanish/Polish. Yeah, I'm really mixed. Anyways, my whole family on both sides are naturally very hair people.
Of course I had to inherit hots of arm hair. I have a natural slight tan.
I've noticed guys tend to look at my arms (girls too, but still. not worrying about hem really!) and my guy friend who im really close to and sort of have a thing for always puts his arm against mine to compare the arm hair. I've always been really self-conscious about my arm hairs. I feel like an ape. hah.
So guys, do you really care whether a girl has hairy arms or not?
And girls, any tips? Is it worth it to wax them even though its a part of me?
I'm Latina, and when i was younger people used to make comments about how hairy my arms were. One day the guy i liked went to give me a hug and when he pulled away, he said i should shave my arms. He wasn't rude about it or anything, but it made me go home and shave my arms! this was over ten years ago and now shaving my arms is part of my shower routine. yes, they grow back thicker, so if you're gunna do it.. keep up with it! but if it's not really an issue, don't even worry about it. there's plenty of men that don't care.
Do you think latina and/or italian women are pretty?
i am both. this girl i know always says how she thinks italians are usually fat, big-nosed, and hairy, and therefore she thinks they're ugly. the other day, i was at this bar and some guy who was talking to me asked what i was. i told him and he said that that mix is weird (i live in a really vanilla white area), so i got annoyed and stopped talking with him.
My advice: Hang out in New Jersey for a weekend. Latina and Italian girls are hot and the combo is even better.
Racial stereotypes for women?
Before anyone even assumes this. No I'm not a troll. Anywho, I had a very interesting experience today. I was buying a latte at Starbucks on my way to work. And the cashier who happened to be a woman as well, asked me as she was handing me my change: Don't mean to be rude, but have you had breast implants? My response was simply a hilarious fit of laughter. The ridiculousity, of her statement and ignorance was just hilarious. Now my question is: Why are women so delightfully cruel to each other? While we scream for gender equality and have made great leaps in that area... We're still at square ONE when it comes to the equality we show for our fellow women.

Why are some women like that? Shouldn't we treat each other with respect and understanding first? Now, being asian, weighing only 110 pounds, and standing at an imposing height of 5'1. I can understand if someone would be confused with a tiny girl having large breasts she never wanted or asked for. But going as far as to asking if someone's had breast implants is just ludicrous regardless of their race.

At my work a lot of my fellow female workers are always very catty. Plenty of them always make snide remarks about how the African American women employees large backsides and breasts are from all the "nasty, greasy KFC they consume". I've also had to hear and endure cruel comments about how the Latina employees are just dirty, ugly, hairy, baby machines. And then in retaliation the African American and Latina ladies will say scathing racist remarks about the female Caucasian employees. Being the youngest I'm always overlooked and ignored. Which I don't mind. I prefer avoiding trouble. But everday I have to listen and hear the rude, racist, and negative comments about this or that. And it gets really tiring. And I can't quit a job that I enjoy just after two months :(

So why are some women like that? Why do they bring each other down and tear through pne another?? Shouldn't we be doing the exact opposite by sticking up for each other and supporting one another??
I'm sorry you have to work with such crappy people.

It really isn't like that everywhere! Where I work, we talk about that stuff, but not in a hateful way. More like, "Do you know how many squats I'd have to do to get a butt that looked that good?" "I didn't have to do any!" "You suck." kind of stuff, where everybldy laughs and jokes around about it.

Never trust a woman who can't get along with other women, or thinks it's "natural" to constantly feel the kind of jealousy of other women that a guy might feel to another girl with prettier dollies.

I hope you find somewhere better to work, and I'm sorry that cashier was so rude to you.
Ethnicity with hairiest pubes?
I've seen asian and latina. Asians' are kinda sparse but latinas are like a huge forest. It's pretty bad.
middle eastern or Mediterranean girls are the hairiest I think. and yeah it is nice to see a full bush every once in a while :D
Am I a lesbian! or am I just straight but think girls are pretty LESBIANS ONLY ANSWER?
I am 18 years old, female.

I find women SO damn prettyyyy, I love curves, long wavy hair, hairless bodies,breasts, womens legs, I find everything about a womans body so sexy but vagina is not appealing to me. Vagina can be sexy, especially when there completely waxxed but I have no interest in it. if that makes sense.

Now men, Err well I find men very unappealing, hairy buttwholes, hairy legs, hairy chests, big bulky bodies, masculine features, facial hair, rectangle shapped curveless bodies, flat hairy butt, ughhhhhh........ I've never actually found one hot, BUT I like penis because its useful to me....

When I look at couples like Jay z and Beyonce, Beyonce looks better.....
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Jennifer looks better,
When I watch the George Lopez show, his wife is SO much better looking than him

Just overall comparing men to women, the man does nothing for me...
like compare kim kardashian and kourtney kardashian to rob kardashian, his just got a big nose and is hairy like a boring man..

he women I like are them curvy tanned Latinas..

The girls I like are:
Vida Guerra, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba (I think I nearly turned lesbian when watching the moie Honey!), Eva Longoria, Adriana Lima (gorgeouss), Selena Gomez (too cute), Selena Spice (that body!!!), Megan Fox, Beyonce, Lauren London, Megean Good, Eva Mendes.. There's a few more...

The men I find attractive are Denzel washington when he was younger, and david beckham.

I find women to be more beautiful and sensual, softer, cuter, curvier...

I come from a Latina family, all the girls are SOOO prettty, long curly/wavy dark hair to their back, the best curviest but slim bodies, tanned, completely hairless, pretty eyes... all my cousins are so prettty.
the guys in my family are just fat hairy hairy hairy guys :\ there chest is so hairy you can't see it...

men are just sooo blah to me, the facial hair, there skin doesn't look so soft, hairy curveless bodies!

So yeah sorry for ranting and going on, and I know my punctuation looks bad because I'm on my ipad and I Can't really type too well...

Do I sound like a lesbian to you?

And gay men, this doesn't involve you, so don't leave me comments like "how can you not like men, there beautiful..." thats your opinion, we all like different things!

now i know exactly what you mean.i have always said i am not a lesbian but can most defiantly understand why ppl choose tht.woman are beautiful in every aspect.i do like the vagina,as far as pretty goes.and i think a cock is ugly.when i was younger i kissed my best friend and well...experimented but i am very much straight,not even bi.but lesbians turn me on more than guys.sometimes just because certain things stimulate you,does not mean your one way or the other. girls turn me on,but i would never be with one,even for fun.i experimented when i was younger though,and lesbian porn turns me on more than a guy doing a girl would.but again im straight.and shes right who ever said you have to answer it on your have to know your self.your sexual orientation is not the same as your sexual stimulations
Whyy so much body hair?? is it in my genes?
im trying to understand.. im 22.. i spend tons of money on waxing alone.. ever since my teenage years, ive had more hair on my body than the average.. i wouldnt say i was hairy, but more like i had these tiny little specs of like blonde hair on my body.. its like all over my stomach, my butt, and then theres the hair on my bikini area and legs..

i just dont understand why i have hair all over the place that would require me to have to spend $200 alone for a full body waxing..

does some cultures or is it in my blood that i have more hair all over the body than the average.. i love waxing, but i realized i have spent a ton of money alone on waxing the bikini, stomach, the butt..legs.. underarms.. but i know ppl who have nooo hair on them at all..

i read about it said something about some women have more "testerone"? what does that mean!? is that why some women would be a bit more on the hairy-er side, or when their hair grows back thick?

im latina. maybe culture?
as a latina yes its culture. Its just a natural thing first. we tend to have more hair than any other race except for italians. I think its not a problem if its blond. If ur hair is dark then thats not good. Also if the hair are blond and really short i think u should just leave it alone. Its not noticable unless u tell everyone.

testerone is the male hormone which is what makes the guys have their facial hairs and what makes them have a deeper voice. Females have a hormone call estrogen

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