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Soft nipples.........?
so i was making out with my boyfriend the other day.. and he started groping my boobs and butt. i was really turned on when he went under my bra. i was moaning a bit, but my nipples wouldn't get hard...

so i was wondering if it's a turnoff for your girlfriend to have soft nipples when you're "playing" with her..
and, of course, if it's normal..

thanks in advance
It's not a turn off so that can be a load off your mind. It is however a bit unusual. Try making your nipples hard on your own, using various methods such as cooling, rubbing and pinching and if they're still unresponsive, consider consulting a doctor.
Is it normal to still have soft nipples after puberty is over?
I'm 19 and I still have soft nipples, although the period of going through puberty is over. They only get hard when they're cold or I'm horny. I'm starting to think that something is wrong with me. I would like to have hard nipples all the time just like many other females. Is it too late for that to happen?
OH MY GOd what a sexy explanation =]
sorry im a lil drunk...never ask a drunk lesbian this question haaa
but anyways
thats nipples arent hard all the time, and no other girl i know's are either. its normal for them to be only hard when its cold or if someone is touching them or ur horny. Only chicks with fake **** have hard nipples all the time.

EDIT: i just touched mine now and theyre soft. But they get hard really easily. Like the second someone else touches my stomach or anywhere near them theyre hard. Or turn me on in anyway.
Is it normal to have soft nipples all the time?
hey, i'm fourteen, and basically done with puberty. I've been wondering about this for a while. my nipples are almost always soft. sometimes they get hard from the cold, or whatever, but not the majority of the time. i feel like i'm not normal, because i see at the gym that most women have hard or erect nipples. i'm pretty self conscience about this, so any advice would be welcome.
You will get harder when you grow , wait a little bit;)
Inverted and Soft Nipples are the same terms?
Okay I've noticed this ever since I've been wearing a bra. When I wear my bra my nipples tend to be soft. I don't think its inverted. I've seen what an inverted nipple looks like and my one isn't like that at all. It just stays flat and soft. But when I take off my bra my nipples erect. So are the terms inverted and soft actually the same thing when it comes to nipples? Is this soft nipple thing normal when wearing a bra?
your boobs are fine and if your wearing your bra and you go into a really cold area your nipples with perk up
Off and on soft nipples on a man?
I'm a 14 year old male. I'm not too fat and not too skinny. Most boys my age have hard, regular nipples all the time but mine are usually soft and poke out and are pinkish, like girls'. They only get hard and normal when they get cold or something like that happens. It is embaressing when they are soft, it makes it look like I have man boobs. What can I do? Why are they like this?
It's normal, perfectly normal, and there is nothing wrong with it, nor to be embarrassed about. My friend has them.
Why are my nipples sometimes soft and sometimes hard (im a dude)?
im 15 turning 16 and it sucks having soft nipples at times because they feel like man boobs, how can i keep it hard and pointy? i pinch em to make em pointier
Um....all guys have it....why? Because men are originally female in the beginning months in the womb (I am serious). Guys can lactate, they can provide milk. So, like a woman's they get hard and pointy when something touches them so that a suckling baby can find it, and are soft otherwise. It's life and both guys and girls do it the same way. So unless you want to pinch your nipples all the time or walk around in the freezing cold all the time, you are just going to do what all guy do, leave them alone and deal with soft nipples.
Do you get soft nipples before your period?
They are softer around my period time... my last period was on the 21st of march. My mom said that it should happen soon, but I dont know.
They were tender a few days ago but only for a day.
And I am not constipated...
No nausea or vomitting...

Am I pregnant or is my period coming this week?
While breast tenderness can be associated with a woman's
menstrual cycle, it could also be a sign of normal breast growth.

Adolescent girls who's breasts are still developing can have the same pain
or tenderness in the weeks in-between their periods as they do during them.

Provided you're healthy and aren't taking any medications which may affect them,
your menstrual cycles should stay fairly regular, although don't panic if they aren't.

It's also excellent that you're talking to your mother about this,
since she should be one of your greatest resources of knowledge.
Nipples what are really soft, do i need to tone chest?
I am average build, but my nipples usually are soft. if i move my hard down my nipple like squashes together and makes like a pyramid shape.
When its cold and my nipples go hard it doesn't do it and they are perfect shape.
do i need to tone up my chest area and my brest tissue for this to stop.
I'm a boy and my nipples are soft and puffy,is that ok?
I'm a boy and my nipples are soft and puffy,is that ok?
It's normal for a boy's nipples and surrounding tissue to swell up a bit and become tender during puberty. It doesn't happen to every boy, but it's fairly common. Your body is reacting to the new hormones flooding through it. In a girl, these hormones trigger the growth of mature breasts. A boy can sometimes experience a shadow of this process, and the breast tissue goes back to normal as the hormone levels stabilize and diminish.

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